The Soul Connection

Sunday Evening, 7 pm – 10 pmHitsville

With Ian Robertson


Put simply; it just doesn’t get any better than the great sounds of Motown, Soul, Funk, and Northern Soul from years gone by.

The 3 at 8 is in remembrance of the Wigan Casino and their 3 at 8 Northern Soul tracks back to back. It’s followed at 9pm by the now legendary SOULED in LOVE; 20-30 minutes to get cuddled up with your love and simply enjoy some great Soul love/romantic tunes back to back.

You can pick your own Souled in Love or 3 at 8 tracks by emailing [email protected]

Souled Connection is 3 hours of pure magic, week in week out. This East Coast FM programme is now shared with many other Community and University Radio Stations, from the Scottish Borders to Jackson in the USA.

You can’t fail to be entertained every Sunday night, from 7pm until 10pm.

Join Ian then why don’t you?