Inside Track

Inside Track

Wednesday evening, 8 – 10 pm

with Kelly Crichton

Every Wednesday Kelly brings you Inside Track, a show about all that’s new in the music world. Each week Kelly reviews a newly released album and two singles and gives them the famous Kell’s Bells grading, much like the star rating for films!  You can join in every Wednesday by listening to the tracks and letting us know what you think by text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Inside Track showcases the best in new music from pop to indie with some electronic and alternative thrown in. Other regular features including Music News, where we tell you what’s happening in the world of new music, musicians and musings.  The gig guide keeps you up to date with local and national gigs, appearances and tours.

And who could miss the 10 o’clock bop? Our homage to dance music and weekly energy busting final track which gives you the chance to shake it out before winding down for the day.

Check out Inside Track and get involved every Wednesday 8-10pm only on 107.6 East Coast FM. Follow Kelly on @kelc100 and send her any requests or suggestions for new music you have.