The Groove Zone

Saturday through to Sunday Morning, 7 pm – 7 am


Saturday Night is Dance Night – 12 hours long 7pm to 7am with a Chill Out Zone – 7am to 8am on Sunday Morning.


  • 7pm -10pm the best of new dance releases, commercial dance and club tracks, mash-ups, mega mixes and remixes presented by Lisa C.

The night continues with the stars of dance music around the UK

  • 10pm – 11pm IN THE MIX a megamix from 2 Drunk 2 Funk (Martin Randall), different genres of dance music every week – something for everyone (
  • 11pm – 2am Big Tommy’s BIG FAT PARTY ANTHEMS, a great show that does what it says on the tin.
  • 2am – 7am 2 Drunk 2 Funk once again in the mix through till the Chill Out Zone.
  • 7am The Chill Out Zone takes us back to the Breakfast Show

It’s a Night of Dance Not to be Missed!

BUT if you do it’s all rewound on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning from Midnight.