Swinging 60’s

Tuesday Evening, 8 pm – 10 pmIan Robertson

With Ian Robertson

Music from the ‘best’ decade ever the 60’s, the music that shaped the pop music of today.

Regular guests and now competitions with some great Prizes.

Let me know your memories of the 60’s from Milk being delivered by horse and cart to the trams in Edinburgh. YES! Edinburgh had a great tram system which was dismantled now look what is going on in 2013 Edinburgh with trams. Your favourite item of fashion. The 60’s saw the Mini Skirt for the first time, Hipsters, Levi 501s that you had to fill the bath up and sit in when you bought them to shrink them to your shape, Cuban Heeled Boots, and of course your ‘dingaling’. It saw the Beatles Cut hair style Twiggy and Mary Quant. Flower Power and Psychedelic Rock, and the first Music Festival, WOODSTOCK. Great Chart Bands played Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian, The Regal Bonnyrigg, Magoos Edinburgh, The Top Storey Club, The Place, Rosewell Institute and the Casino (Knivensknowe Miners Club). Yes it was a fabby Decade.

Please join us with your memories and of course you can pick you favorite tracks and have dedications to your friends and families.

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