Listening To East Coast FM

In Haddington and the surrounding area the station can be heard on 107.6 FM.

Web / PC / Mac

East Coast FM is also broadcast over the Internet. You can tune in directly through our website by using the “Listen Now” widget in the sidebar to the right.

The widget offers you two ways of listening depending on your browsing preferences:

  1. Use the big Green to Play or Red to Stop buttons as in the diagram below. The downside to using this method is that you need to keep the East Coast FM browser window open. If you close it, the radio is turned off.
  2. Using one of the four smaller buttons underneath opens a small Pop-Up window. Again, this window has to be kept open but it is small enough to be moved to the corner of your monitor without getting in the way.

Listen Live Options

If you cannot see the widget shown above, this is most likely because you don’t have the most recent version of Adobe Flashplayer installed. Click the Adobe button below to check your installation:

Get Adobe Flash PlayerIf you are still having problems, Contact Us and we will try to help. In the meantime, you could try our listing at

Smartphones & other ways to listen

There are many apps available in your phones store to let you listen to East Coast FM whilst out-and-about. Favourites of ours include WunderRadio (which is available for many Smartphones including Blackberry, iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile) and TuneIn.


TuneIn power a large directory of online radio stations (find East Coast FM here).

They have apps for most platforms including iOS (iPhones & iPads), Android and Blackberry as well as ways to listen through your browser. They also enable access to Internet radio stations through devices like Logitech’s Slingbox, Philips Stremium, Sonos and Kodak Theatre HD Televisions. Best of all, it’s free!

Know Something We Don’t?

Have you found a new way to listen to East Coast FM? Let us know. We’ll pass it on!

Need Help With Something Else?

If you’ve encountered a problem using this website or listening to East Coast FM, please Contact Us. We’ll do our best to help.