Advertising on East Coast FM

East Coast FM offers a diverse mix of advertising solutions either for broadcast on the station or on our website.

Broadcast Advertising

We offer several packages for broadcast advertising. Your ad can be played throughout the day on all shows. This is charged on a “Minimum Plays Per Day” basis.

We also offer “Show Sponsorship” deals that are incredibly flexible and can be targeted at a more specific audience.

Website Advertising

We have a Banner Area at the top of our website. These banners rotate on a random basis that equals out over time so that all ads get an equal number of impressions. Your advertisement can be displayed on a “Per Day” basis or for longer periods of time.

We are also developing areas of the site suitable for static block advertisements. In this case, your ad will be visible at all times in it’s own area of the page.

Situations Vacant

We offer free Situations Vacant advertising to any company regardless of other advertising products.

Media Pack






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Rates and Bookings

To inquire further, download and complete these PDF documents:

Advertising Rates Advertising Booking Form